We’re Giving Thanks for You!

Two weeks ago, our worship circle finally moved indoors at Sky Lake, where we’ll stay for the rest of 2021. The plan for January and February is an adapted Sunday schedule we’re excited to try!From January 2nd thru February 27, we’ll be meeting at the Binghamton University Nature Preserve each Sunday at noon for aContinue reading “We’re Giving Thanks for You!”

October Update

We went “public” almost a month ago and the response has been incredible! People are yearning for a spirituality focused on caring for and connecting with Creation, and there’s a clear need for a community of support as we work for justice. Now that the world knows we exist, it’s time to start building this community.WithinContinue reading “October Update”

The Tenacious Hope of Birthing

In May of 2019, I attended an event called UMC-Next which hoped to bring progressive and moderate United Methodists together to dream about the future of the Methodist Church. Our denomination has been in a deadlock for decades over the issue of LGBTQ+ inclusion. After an intense 3 days of conversations I found myself drivingContinue reading “The Tenacious Hope of Birthing”