Has your creativity been in quarantine?

Have you become more connected with the internet than with other people, or even yourself? Have you recently said “If I just had a weekend to focus, I could start or finish this project?” Do you think such a weekend will be too expensive?

Book some time for Crafting Healing
Friday, September 24 thru Sunday, September 26
Sky Lake Retreat Center, Windsor NY
ages 16+
Accommodations starting at $200
Space is limited, register by Friday, Sept 17th

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For only $200, treat yourself to a restorative and creative weekend in the Catskill Mountains this fall.  Imagine a whole weekend devoted to your art or craft, exploring nature, and spending time in solitude and/or meeting others looking for connection. Imagine having a table or space where you can leave your supplies out and return to your work-in-progress whenever you want. 

Your meals will be prepared, and some select activities will be offered that are completely optional. Lodging, linens, six meals, snacks, and activities are included. Please bring your own art or craft supplies and tools. Standard rooms are spacious for 2-3 guests sharing a room with 5 beds and a full bathroom. For $40 more you may reserve a single room.

Sky Lake is a United Methodist Camp and Retreat center located in Windsor, NY. Nestled in the Catskill Mountains, Sky Lake’s rustic charm and comfortable surroundings await your arrival. Retreat to a chair overlooking the picturesque lake or go for a leisurely stroll on one of the trails that meander through the bountiful forests with over 900-acres of woods, fields, and water are yours to explore. Our year-round facilities offer the perfect setting for a retreat away from the distractions and demands of everyday life.

Sky Lake is an alcohol-free facility and has limited Wi-Fi, so bring your research materials with you. Due to the altitude and the lake, Sky Lake may be 10 degrees cooler than surrounding area – plan accordingly. Click here for additional information about accommodations (we will be housed in Riley Lodge; click to advance to additional photos).

Covid Safety

Sky Lake requires everyone must show proof of vaccination or negative results from a professional COVID test within 36 hours of their arrival to the retreat. Masking will also be required at all times (aside from eating) while in shared indoor spaces.

For questions or accessibility requests contact the Sky Lake office at 607-467-2750.

Meet the Retreat Guides:

Lilace Mellin Guignard is a former professor of creative writing at Mansfield University of Pennsylvania. Her memoir When Everything Beyond the Walls Is Wild: Being a Woman Outdoors in America was published by Texas A&M University Press in 2019, and her chapbook Young at the Time of Letting Go was published by Evening Street Press in 2016 and won the 2015 Helen Kay Chapbook Poetry Prize. Her poetry and prose have also appeared in Calyx, Ecotone, and Poetry magazine.

Lilace will give a reading Saturday evening, followed by some creative prompts and a guided night hike a short distance along the lake. This activity will ask you to think about walls—physical, emotional, spiritual—and lead you in considering how they affect your creativity both positively and negatively. 

Lilace will also be available for informal conversation with writers and non-writers, perhaps about making time for your creativity, structuring a project, or preparing to take your work public.

Cheryl Lyon is an experienced life coach, spiritual director, and retreat leader who delights in providing creative and contemplative experiences that give people an opportunity to connect with their deeper selves and with the larger All-That-Is that some name God.

Cheryl seeks to open conversations and create experiences where women and men can hear themselves think, move through their emotions, and listen for the voice of Wisdom – places and times where individuals can find that clarity and peace of mind we all seek; can be open and trusting enough to listen for where Life (God) may be leading; and can find enough emotional safety to boldly step forward onto the path that is always unfolding before them.

Cheryl will coordinate a pre-retreat gallery tour (15 minutes from the Sky Lake; separate registration required, see below), and will start off the retreat Friday night with a fun right-brain exercise. She will also offer a centering practice each morning and will be available for spiritual direction and/or life coaching at various times throughout the weekend.

Corey Turnpenny is an ordained pastor leading Church in the Wild, an alternative spiritual community that worships at Sky Lake. Church in the Wild is committed to helping people connect with and care for Creation as well as working for environmental and social justice. Part of their work includes providing retreat opportunities that bring people back to Nature to connect with the Divine. Corey will be available throughout the weekend as she coordinates the schedule and needs of participants. You can find out more about Church in the Wild at www.churchinthewild.org.

Schedule Overview (all activities are optional):
Friday, September 24th
2:30-4:00pm       Pre-retreat Gallery Visit (separate registration below)
3:00-7:30pm       Check-in, set up your space
5:30-7:30pm       Supper available
7:30pm                Welcome and Campfire

Saturday, September 25th
7:30am                   Early Morning Centering with Cheryl
8:00-9:00am           Breakfast
12:30pm                 Lunch
5:30-6:30pm           Supper
6:30pm                   Mocktail hour
                              The Walls We Live Within, the Wild We Choose with Lilace
7:30pm                   Night Hike Experience

Sunday, September 26th
7:30am                   Early Morning Centering with Cheryl
8:00-9:00am           Breakfast
12:30pm                 Lunch
1:00-2:00pm           Sharing Work & Closing
You are welcome to stay for worship with Church in the Wild at 4:00pm

To Register for the Pre-Retreat Gallery Tour: 
E-mail Cheryl Lyon at cheryl@wingedlifecoaching.com
The Spiritual Center galleries are a hidden gem. The Spiritual Center is located 15 minutes from Sky Lake in Windsor, NY and has two galleries of museum quality sculptures crafted by Sr. Paula Matthews. There is no charge for this tour but The Spiritual Center will gratefully accept donations. 

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